Day 14: Time to Leave

The time has finally come. After entering this quarantine facility thirteen days ago, I will finally be able to leave my quarantine room at midnight tonight. It is hard to believe that fourteen days have already passed by so fast. While being stuck in my quarantine room without any ability to get outside, it has been hard to gauge the passage of time. Since I have mostly been working on my computer since I arrived here, all of the days have basically blurred together and each day has felt the same as the last to me. That repetitious behavior that I wrote about in my earlier blog articles really paid off and it has allowed me to get through this quarantine period without any problems.

While staying in this quarantine facility, I have been really thankful for all of the hard work that the health department workers have put into making this entire quarantine experience as painless as possible. As I have mentioned previously in other blog articles, the food provided by the health department has been really good with a wide variety of food and drink options provided across the 42 meals that I have been served since I arrived here. The food that I was served never became monotonous and I never got sick of eating what I was given. Likewise for the drinks that were provided with each meal, which were also quite diverse as well.

The fact that the health department workers stuck to a clearly defined and well-regimented schedule for serving meals and playing messages over the speaker also helped to keep me on a regular schedule. This ensured that I went to sleep at a reasonable time and woke up at a reasonable time every day, making it much easier to keep my mind clear and focus on doing the tasks that I brought with me to work on and avoid watching the clock. Throughout this entire experience, I did not ever find myself thinking at all about the passage of time and in fact, most days, I almost felt like there was not enough time to finish the things that I was working on. This is definitely a much better problem to have then not having enough things to fill my time and just laying around waiting for time to pass. All of these things that allowed me to get through this quarantine period, and as of writing this blog article I only have a couple hours left before my official release time. I can’t wait to set foot back in my house now that I have been away from it for about two and a half weeks.

Quarantine Day 14 Breakfast, Photo by Author
Quarantine Day 14 Lunch, Photo by Author
Quarantine Day 14 Dinner, Photo by Author



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