Day 12: Finally Some Great News

When I first arrived at my quarantine facility eleven days ago, while filling out all of the paperwork before going up to my quarantine room, one of the things that was made clear was how long I would be spending in quarantine. From the day that I entered South Korea, which was May 26, I would be in quarantine for fifteen days, meaning that I would be released from quarantine on June 10. But luckily, some time since I entered quarantine, the required length of time for quarantine for all people entering the country was shortened by one day. This means that I will now be able to leave quarantine on June 9, only a little over two days from the time of writing this blog article.

One of the things that I wanted to explain in this blog article was the options that are available for the day that you are allowed to leave quarantine. Officially, on your release date, you are allowed to leave beginning at midnight. But this does not mean that you are able to leave whenever you want to on that day, at least from the quarantine facility that I am staying at. People staying in quarantine at this quarantine facility are allowed to either leave on their own or leave on a shuttle bus to a nearby train station. When leaving on your own, you can either leave the quarantine facility on your release day immediately at midnight or at 07:00. When leaving on a shuttle bus, you need to leave at 09:00. There are no other time slots at which you are allowed to leave the quarantine facility.

Earlier today, I was given a paper form to fill out with my dinner meal delivery on which I could indicate my desired departure time. Since I have local contacts here in South Korea, I chose to leave immediately at midnight and I will be getting picked up by a friend. I honestly cannot wait to finally exit this quarantine facility and feel and breathe the cool night air outside. I find it a little hard to believe by that time it will have been fourteen days since I last set foot outside this building. While being in here, the passage of time has been difficult to track and internalize and it really hasn’t felt quite as long as it has actually been. I almost feel like I exited the normal time stream on May 26 and have been outside of it for a while, not necessarily as long as I actually have been staying in this quarantine facility, and I will be re-entering the normal time stream again on June 9. This entire quarantine period really has been an interesting and surreal experience.

Quarantine Day 12 Breakfast, Photo by Author
Quarantine Day 12 Lunch, Photo by Author
Quarantine Day 12 Dinner, Photo by Author



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