Day 11: A Good View is a Double-Edged Sword

Since I first entered my quarantine room ten days ago, one of the features of my quarantine room that I first noticed and have been so thankful for during this quarantine period was the window to the outside world. Like the window in any hotel room in a Grand Hyatt Hotel, this window is tall and wide, but unlike many hotel windows across the world, I actually have a very good view of the environment through this one. I have stayed in more than enough hotel rooms in my life to know that you can never assume that you will have a good view out of your hotel room window. And if you do happen to get a good view out of your window, you should consider yourself lucky.

Quarantine Room Nighttime Window View, Photo by Author

I really got lucky being assigned this particular room to spend my quarantine period in because, as is obvious in the picture above, I have a view of quite a few different things out my window, including a lot of green space. I cannot say for certain, but I am quite certain that this view is far different and far better that the view of the people across the hall from me are able to see outside their window. From what I can recall of the area surrounding this quarantine facility, a huge, empty parking lot dominates the view out of the window in the rooms across the hall from my room. Since this hotel is located very close to Incheon International Airport, most of the area around this hotel is filled with long-term parking lots for the people that would typically being flying around the world if not for the current pandemic. I cannot imagine a more depressing sight out of my window while being forced to look out of it for fourteen days without having the ability to change that view.

But of course, the same goes for me in my current situation looking out of my window down onto the view in the picture above. All day every day for the past ten days I have watched people walking around down on the streets and in the park outside my window, blissfully ignorant of all of the people being held in quarantine up here in the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Little do they know how valuable their freedom is now at this very moment for so many people. I cannot help but be extremely envious of every person that I see walking around outside my window, being able to feel the sun and wind on their skin, or even the rain. The only breeze that I can feel in my quarantine room right now is the air blowing out of the central air system in my quarantine room. I am looking forward to next Wednesday when I will finally be able to walk out of this quarantine facility and breathe some fresh air outside and feel the cool breeze on my face.

Quarantine Day 11 Breakfast, Photo by Author
Quarantine Day 11 Lunch, Photo by Author
Quarantine Day 11 Dinner, Photo by Author



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