Day 10: The Laundry Situation

Even before embarking on my trip to San Francisco and back to begin this entire quarantine period nine days ago, one of the things that I had planned for was not having access to any kind of laundry service for fourteen days. Obviously, all of the health department workers managing this quarantine facility have to assume that I am sick with coronavirus, and as a result they have to assume that all of my possessions are contaminated. As a result, I knew that it was not reasonable to expect to have access to any sort of laundry service while I was staying in my quarantine room. Surprisingly, when I arrived in my quarantine room, one of the first things that I found in the bathroom was a packet of laundry detergent.

After staying in my quarantine room for a couple of days and listening to the various messages that are played over the speakers, I found that one of the messages instructed everyone in quarantine that if they needed anything to be laundered while staying in their room, their only option was using this laundry detergent. Without being able to provide anyone in quarantine with any type of laundry services, I feel that this is a very reasonable and generous option to provide everyone with. Obviously, accidents happen and naturally some people will have a need to wash something during the fourteen days in quarantine. This is about the best middle ground option that the health department workers could offer all of the people being quarantined.

In terms of clothing for this quarantine period, since I knew that the only thing that I would be doing for the entire time was sitting around in my quarantine room, I did not bring many clothes with me. Aside from the clothes that I wore during my flights to San Francisco and back to South Korea, I only brought several pairs of boxers and socks as well as a couple pairs of shorts and shirts for my quarantine period. This will be more than enough for me to get through the entire quarantine period while wearing clean and comfortable clothes. The only outside clothes that I brought with me were the clothes that I wore on my flights, which I will also wear on my way back home once I am released from the quarantine facility.

Beyond my clothing, the only other laundry that I have with me during this quarantine period are the three hand towels and three bath towels that were waiting for me in my room when I arrived. Since I will only be staying here for two weeks, that means that I only need to use towels at a rate of one per every five days, which is very easy to do. This is especially true when you consider that it is not entirely necessary to take a shower every day, because once again, I am literally doing nothing but sitting around in my room all day working on my computer. The only physical activity that I do is some exercise each day, but it is never really enough to get me sweaty. The extent of my exercise regimen during this quarantine period has been working out my muscles rather than cardio, which I will be saving for the gym once I can get back to it after returning home.

Quarantine Day 10 Breakfast, Photo by Author
Quarantine Day 10 Lunch, Photo by Author
Quarantine Day 10 Dinner, Photo by Author



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